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  • 100 thankful notes

    29 marzo, 2020 por

    Thankfulness can be underestimated. Did you know that thankfulness is a practice that’s been in different cultures for a really long time? Thankfulness is practiced in different spiritual currents like Christianism but others as well. It is also recommended by some physicians because there’s actual science behind it that proves that gratefulness affects your brain… Leer más

  • What creativity taught me

    26 enero, 2020 por

    What creating taught me. When you think about inspiration, what comes to your mind? A feeling? An action? Is it familiar or unfamiliar? Is it important to you? I don’t think I knew how important “inspiration” was for me until this last season. I’m a very driven person and I like doing, doing, doing, accomplishing… Leer más

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